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ASPYRE® DT SCR Power Controllers

Watlow’s new ASPYRE® DT family if intelligent power controllers is flexible and scalable, and available with a variety of options allowing one platform to be re-used across a wide range of applications, which can help save time and money. ASPYRE DT models available include sizes from 35 to 2100 amps. Contactez votre revendeur ou votre distributeur agréé Watlow pour connaître la disponibilité dans votre région.

Cette gamme de régulateurs d’alimentation comprend plusieurs algorithmes avancés de mode de régulation et d’allumage basés sur un microprocesseur. Associé aux diagnostics et à plusieurs options de communication, le produit permet l’automatisation des équipements et de l’usine.

Les modes d’allumage du régulateur incluent : zéro de tension, mode rafale, cycle unique, base de temps variable, déclenchement retardé et angle de phase. These smart algorithms enable the product to easily control a wide base of heater loads including nichrome, moly, silicon carbide, tungsten quartz and infrared lamps and transformer-coupled loads.

ASPYRE DT offers a comprehensive list of modular options that deliver space and labor savings including controlled legs (1, 2 or 3), semiconductor fusing, load current measurement, amperage size and user interface.

Firmware Update

Check version of firmware currently running in your ASPYRE DT power controller to select the correct firmware update. See “Updating the Firmware” in the user guide for your model for instructions on how to update the firmware.

If your firmware version is 1.14.0 or later, update to the version with the same final digit as your version.

If your firmware version is below 1.14.0, contact technical support.

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